May 2022. Jury BARQ Barcelona

Jury member of BARQ International Architecture Film Festival of Barcelona, from 10 to 15 May 2022

Jan 2022. Interview in designboom

We are very happy to add designboom as a media partner of Concéntrico ? we start this new collaboration with an interview about the festival by its architecture editor, Sofia Lekka Angelopoulou.

Oct 2021. El País Semanal

El festival efímero que nunca termina.
Report by Almudena Ávalos on Concéntrico with photographs by Asier Rua.

Sept 2021. Matadero Madrid

La hoja is an intervention originally designed as a prototype for public space – Concéntrico 05, 2019 – and which now lands at the for public space and which now lands in the Nave Intermediae to dialogue with its architecture and dialogue with its architecture and emerge as a new, larger piece open to new uses. dimensions and open to new uses. This work by the international art and architecture studio international art and architecture studio Fahr 021.3 was created as an exhibition project by the architect and curator Javier Peña Ibáñez and has become a space of convergence a space of convergence that will allow the spontaneous use of the visitors while transforming visitors, while at the same time transforming it into a scenario of appropriation in which the different where the different milestones of the Intermediae and Matadero Madrid programme will take place throughout 2021 and 2022.

30 sept 2021 – 24 jul 2022

Jul 2021. Ideas de Ciudad

City Ideas (Ideas de Ciudad) is a laboratory for research, dissemination and debate on the spatial and social transformations of the contemporary city directed by Ariadna Cantis at CentroCentro in Madrid. The aim is to create a city laboratory, an open research platform aimed at exploring the future of cities as spaces of culture and the generation of new social, technological and innovation paradigms.

“The emotional city (La ciudad emocional)” is the seventh lecture in the series, the participation of Javier Peña Ibáñez, director of Concéntrico,
a festival of design and architecture in the public space in which he proposes the transformation of the urban environment through culture, taking as a case study the cultural renewal of the city of Logroño. Peña shares a question with the public: how do we relate to the urban environments in which we live?

The project is conceived in audiovisual format, formalised in monthly videos, which are broadcasted online from this website, with the participation of several national and international experts from different fields of knowledge in which the following topics will be discussed:

Mobility, health and air quality, The city of care, Domestic habitat-public habitat, Cultural renewal, Innovation, Urban ecology.

Participants: Winy Maas, Olga Subirós, Miriam García García, Marina Otero, Izaskun Chinchilla, Miguel Álvarez, Javier Peña, Anna Puigjaner.
22 September

Jan 2021. Radio Clásica

In January, in the monthly section on architecture on Radio Clásica’s programme Longitud de onda, we talk about architecture and climate, about belvederes and arcades, not only the historic ones but also some contemporary ones such as Rafael Moneo’s in Logroño’s Town Hall Square or those of Secundino Zuazo’s Casa de las Flores in Madrid.

Life between arcades and balconies – 19 January – Listen

Dec 2020. Escala Humana

We talk about Concéntrico in the chapter “Visto y no visto” of the third season of Escala Humana on La 2 TVE. A programme shared with José Miguel de Prada Poole, Uriel Fogué, Nuria Prieto, Josep Ferrando and Xevi Bayona.

Watch participation in the programme

Watch the complete chapter

Dec – Nov 2020. Architecture Law

The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda is promoting a participatory process for the drafting of the Law on Architecture and Quality of the Built Environment. The PECA project, coordinated by Zuloark and the team of the General Direction of Architecture of Iñaqui Carnicero, has five days of debate and eight thematic areas – The social, The environmental, The communication, I+D+i, The public, The international, The protection, The quality – of which I have been the conductor and in which more than 100 experts have participated.

Watch on Youtube

Nov 2020. Ibero-American Design Biennial

The seventh Ibero-American Design Biennial honoured Concéntrico with the “City and Design Award”. Within the framework of the opening week held at Matadero Madrid, we participated in the round table “The city as protagonist” and two exhibitions: “The visible city” at Casa América and the central exhibition at the Central de Diseño with the intervention of Iza Rutkowska’s “Equestrian statue”.

View the talk

Nov 2020. Report in Monocle

“Street view” article by Julia Webster Ayuso for the 138th issue of Monocle magazine – November 2020. A tour in Concéntrico, with photo by Víctor Garrido, through the contents of the sixth edition, the city and interviews with the participants.

Read the article

Oct 2020. Column at ICON Design

Issue 8 – autumn / winter – of the ICON Design España magazine, distributed with the El País newspaper, publishes the column “Gardens, arches and circuses”, in which I talk about Concéntrico, architecture and the city.

Oct 2020. Radio Clásica, monthly collaboration

Monthly collaboration in Radio Clásica to talk about architecture in Longitud de onda, program conducted by Yolanda Criado and Fernando Blázquez.

Let’s make a city – 20th October – Listen

The sound of our cities – 17 November – Listen

Benches for real sitting – 15 December – Listen

May 2020. Cultura frágil at La Casa Encendida

Round table within the #LaCasaOn programme on culture, politics, practices, formats and the future curated by Ariadna Cantis at La Casa Encendida with Aurora Adalid, Selina Blasco, César Martínez-Useros, Quico Vidal and Diego Iglesias Gómez.

Watch the conversation

Nov 2019. 948 Merkatua

Interview in the Diario de Navarra by Ion Stegmeier, Otra Logroño es posible, within the framework of 948 Merkatua where we participated with the conference “Architecture and Design as tools for the transformation of the city”.

Oct 2019. V Culture and Citizenship Meeting

Concéntrico was part of the V Culture and Citizenship Meeting, organised by the Ministry of Culture in Matadero Madrid, with a presentation of the project at the table “Cultural production and programming: appropriation and resignification”.

Watch on Youtube

Nov 2018. 7th Urbanbat Festival in Bilbao

On Thursday, November 22, we participated in the Urbanbat Festimatón in Bilbao: an international marathon of architecture festivals, in which formats and event models were discussed with some of the most interesting international proposals. Concéntrico was present at the round table with London Festival of Architecture and Lisbon Architecture Triennale.

April 2018. Architect of the month in T Magazine

T Spain: The New York Times Style Magazine includes in its April 2018 issue Javier Peña Ibáñez as Architect of the month, a section that covers his practice with the report “Urban Metamorphosis” by Daniele del Corte.

March 2018. Talk at School of Art of Oviedo

Inaugural conference of the sixth edition of the program on interior design of the School of Arts of Oviedo. The School is a public institution whose prestige is well-known in the field of Art and Design education. It was founded in 1785, his activity at present maintains a constant collaboration with other educational centers, both national and international.

May 2017. Jury in Barcelona Building Construmat awards

Curated by the Mies van der Rohe Foundation, the jury formed by Cristina Pardal, Andrea Deplazes, Rosa Vilarasau, Jordi Julià Sort and Javier Peña, distinguished La Xarxa Espavilada d’Olot and Planell Cristalerías Civic Center, among others, with BB Construmat 2017 awards. The purpose of the Awards is to recognise and promote the projects and initiatives that represent and generate added value in the construction sector.

May 2016. Heroes series interview

Interview by Jorge Alacid in the newspaper La Rioja, The solidity of the ephemeral, within the series Heroes with Justo Rodríguez.

Watch interview

April 2016. ‘Una casa con premio’ report in the magazine Yodona

The number 467 of Yodona, a magazine of the newspaper El Mundo, includes the report “Una casa con premio”, with text by Teresa Iturralde and photographs by Asier Rua, in the Lifestyle deco section.

March 2016. Talk at INCITI – Research and innovation for cities

The research center INCITI – Pesquisa e Inovação para as Cidades – belonging to the University of the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) in Recife (Brazil) organized a day of conversation about urban practices in which we presented Concéntrico and the postgraduate PósDAEE of IESP Faculties.